The New Plague


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Ottawa Hardcore.


released March 17, 2020

Written and performed by Premonition

"A.S." written by Outbreak (Bridge Nine Records)

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Topon Das at Apartment 2 Studios in Ottawa, Ontario

All photography and artwork by Sera Nicole (


all rights reserved



PREMONITION Ottawa, Ontario

Hardcore out of the Nation's Capital

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Track Name: Boot Licker
You want protection and you sell out
How you talk all that shit with a boot in your mouth?
Backed into a corner, you turn to god
Turns out your god is a fucking cop
If they break it, they buy
But if they stand still, they die
In a constant state of hate
We're all blue in the face
Bust it
Hate to live, live to hate
Get a fucking hobby, keep that shit off my plate
Bootlicker motherfucker
Just like
A father, a brother, a husband, a pig
About as useful as another cig
Down your throat, through your lungs
Two poisoned breaths for each one you stole
If they break it, they buy
But if they stand still, they die
In a constant state of hate
We're all blue in the fucking face
Maybe try a hole in your head for a change
What the fuck?
Wake up, boy
You're supposed to lick the boot
But you stuff yourself. Why don't you choke yourself out?
Get a grip on your thoughts
Another blue life to the chopping block
Track Name: Profound Disdain
Greenhouse gases are running rampant
'Cause using your brain is inconvenient
It takes a Howard Beale type for all to gawk at, You'd still have the gall to stay ignorant
So long planet, destined hopeless
No excuses, get fucked, useless
Eat shit
Hatred never dies, dispondency survives,
Basic necessities are commodified
Dawn of a new season
We need a new plague to save us
Profound disdain for the human race
Eternal scorn for each man born
God's gift to man is self-destruction
Extinction by way of our own corruption
Profound disdain for the human race
Eternal scorn for each man born
Hatred never dies, despondency survives
Track Name: Savage Retribution
Pretty from far but far from pretty
The greatest generation left nothing but ruins
Unchain the rage from deep inside
A primitive fury to bring it eye to eye
Capitalist implosion for social change
A blast of consciousness, seize the means of evolution
Primordial instinct engulfs the flame
Lynch the patriarchy in the street
Break down the doors, set up the gallows
Watch their limbs dangle and keep the halls hallow
Savage retribution for unafforded survival
Your term is over, punk
Working class uprising
Eye for an eye
Fools fucking die
Track Name: Buyer's Remorse
Sold out
Everything's fine, chivalry's dead
Everything's normal, completely fake
Debts are climbing, there is no ceiling
Economy's rigged, get with the program
Buyers remorse, cash me the fuck out
Buyers remorse, a refund on myself
Get fucked.
Why do I feel trapped when I'm so detached?
blunt force dogma coming for my ass.
Another day, another cleaver
slicing through our necks, we're all the fucking butcher.
Premonition of war, premonition of death
All hope shattered, our foresight fractured
Everything's fine, empathy's dead
Everything's normal, completely fucked
Crosses burning, pigs are squealing
Women vanishing, government snubbing
Buyer's remorse
Sold the fuck out
World collusion, exacerbation,
Premonition Season
Track Name: A.S. (Outbreak)
Is it right for me?
Living every day in my own misery?
And my peace of mind
Is that something I'll never find?
But don't feel bad for me
Cause I don't need your sympathy
I can't find a cure
I'm too paranoid and insecure
And I don't know why
But I think I'll be like this till the day I die
And I don't know why
Be like this till the day I die

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